Social Media

NAR Provided this information

    Social Media is still the promising lead source for Realtors. According to a study done by the NAR, 98% of Buyers found their sounding board stemmed from Realtor Relations and 92% of Buyers are using Social Media in one way or another to get their much needed information for purchasing a new home.

With that being said, keeping up on day to day reading, posting and following ups appear to to the hot commodity. Training courses offered by ones local board or Broker pays off when it comes to the internet. Taking advantage of these opportunities can only simplify the realtors work progress. There are many  sites out there that serve as a hub per say, to flood everything about your business into all of your accounts from simply hitting “publish”. Not taking advantage of this can be time consuming and leave the Realtor feeling stressed.

With that being said, using your time wisely strengthens your achievements. Time is of essence, and most of that time would be best spent in the public and with your customers!

Melissa Roberts REALTOR





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