At The Hernando County Commissioners Meeting

On Tuesday July 14th, 2015 The Hernando County Commissioners Office had a debate on a proposed “Fee” for the Fire Department that could potentially cost Homeowners and hurt future Home Buyers. When speaking with some of the 100+ concerned homeowners that showed they wanted a breakdown of where the proposed millions of dollars will be spent. This “Fee” that homeowners are calling a tax will impose on churches, vacant land,hospitals, industrial properties and residential homes. Homeowners want to know what their mind boggling extra $243.85 “Fee” is covering.

Alexander Alexander, and Richard Alexander are just two of the concerned citizens that say this fee is preposterous. They are retired and many of the people that showed are on a fixed income. They also elaborated that the Fire District is unionized and wonder if the money is going toward pensions.Other concerned homeowners commented that they already get billed and pay for ambulance calls and check your deductible because 911 isn’t free either! The Alexander brothers also commented, ” How can they call it a fee, it’s a tax and we deserve to know what our money is going for!”.

By Melissa Roberts Hernando County Realtor fighting for the future of the Home Owners…



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