Did You Know Realtors Can Help You Find A Place To Rent?

That’s Right! On top of finding you the perfect home for sale, we can also find you the perfect rental! Florida is one of three top vacationing spots in the United States! We have Disney, Busch Gardens, Hard Rock Casinos, Cruises that leave port every day! Rent some kayaks and jet skis or swim with the dolphins! We also have some of the best restaurants and seafood in the country! You can’t miss out in Florida!


Email: melissarobertsrealtor@gmail.com

dis8jet ski

Beautiful Beaches!
Beautiful Beaches!


Dream BIG.

Realtors are like the Swiss Army Knives of moving.  swissarmyNeed a school district assessment?  We can point you toward the best information.  Need to find reputable movers?  We probably know a few.  It’s your first home and you’ve never had to paint a room yourself before?  We can give pointers on how to avoid getting roller marks on the ceiling.  Need to find a place to rent but can’t stand massive apartment complexes?  We can help with that, too.  

The rental market out here in Northern Virginia is really vibrant, and I’m sure yours is too.  I meet folks all the time who happen to mention in passing conversation that they are looking to move soon, and they are continually surprised when I sit them down and show them what’s available right now on the MLS, in exactly their price range, with exactly the number of…

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