The Real Estate Market

According to World News, there’s no need to worry about the Real Estate Market. Overseas Buyers have spent over $100Billion in United States Real Estate. This is due primarily to the the fact that our construction is of much better quality and much less expensive then that of Hong Kong, the Street Night Market, and Morocco, the Market Capital of North Africa.

Owner Developers are constructing homes of Luxury with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and selling them for next to nothing compared to a NYC highrise condo with no outdoor space going for a swift $25million which was a price drop of about $54million. At these prices an older 2000 square foot home would sell for $16million in NYC. So why wouldn’t the home buyer run to the newly constructed estates ranging from $150k to 400k. It’s a steal!

Reference: Dolly Lenz Real Estate Co CNBC online

real estate graph pic


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Melissa Roberts REALTOR

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