Deception or Mistakes

According to a find from Realtor Magazine, 72% of applicants are turned down for emergency funding and major banking institutions are to blame! These presumed mistakes are mostly attributed to lenders math. One might ask who is really in charge here because shouldn’t these applications be checked over at the least, one time?

Citigroup, Inc. came in first place with a record breaking number of rejected applicants at 87%. J.P. Morgan Chase and Company following with a remarkable rejection of 84%, following is Bank of America at 80%(REALTOR Magazine Online).That’s astounding, BANK OF AMERICA folks. With a name like that shouldn’t they should not have even made it to the board!

So if a near 90% of homes are qualified for down payment aid, where are these monies going? Well conglomerate J.P. Morgan Chase spokesman claims, there must be some mistake…

Now if *Chicken and Egg Pictures can raise and donate $4 million and 5200 hours to human rights activists for films and our “Banks of America” can’t help people who want to help themselves, we have an issue (!

References:  &   REALTOR® Magazine Online  


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