Depending on your likes…It’s Your Move!

There is lots to consider when making a move! Southwest Florida has lots of history. Knowing things like prominent flooding areas, hurricane likely cities, nature applicable locations, beach friendly places, attributes of entertainment areas, and just peace and relaxation abilities are measures that affect many different kinds of people.

In asking oneself if the home you want is in a flood zone area is good to know. Flood insurance can be quite costly;however, location, location, location…is what everyone is seeming to want. One can view these flood areas through FEMA’s website by simply putting in the address of choice. The maps indicate how likely the area is to flood and how close to a flood zone the home may be. Flood Zone A is likely going to flood. Flood zone X, more than likely will not.

Hurricanes are an ever revolving naturalistic piece of Mother Nature. The question is when are they going to form and what areas are most likely to be hit with them. According to, the cities most likely to be hit in Florida’s Southwest Coast are Fort Myer’s and Sarasota. However Sarasota’s average is once every 26 1/2 years. Fort Myer’s falls short averaging once every 13 years. So if you’re looking for your forever home you may want to check insurance rates.

If one is seeking out to enjoy the weather without the hassle of flood worries or hurricanes then considering Florida’s Nature Coast is a great place to be. There are many crystal clear springs that lead to the ocean and the Nature Coast mostly avoids flooding areas. There are many things to do here and Florida’s Nature Coast is only 45 minutes to an hour from all the major attractions as Disney and Clearwater entertainment.

The beaches are probably one of the main reasons people choose to come to Florida. Honeymoon Island is one of the main attractions consisting of both beach and State Park. It’s a beautiful place to collect your shells and enjoy a little piece of nature at the same time. Clearwater beach allows for day and nighttime entertainment with beautiful waters and big beaches! Hudson Beach is directly south of Florida’s Nature Coast where one can enjoy dining and music on the water and beautiful views. If looking to house away from the flood areas and still enjoy the beaches the Nature Coast wins!

Kayaking, boogie boards, wave runners and exotic animals are all great attributes for entertainment. Whether in the ocean or on the springs: the enjoyment of manatee, dolphins, exotic color fish, and land animals can all be seen from the Nature Coast as well as Sarasota. There is never a dull moment!

Wherever the future homeowner is looking, rest and relaxation is a must. The homeowner has these rights when purchasing a home. Florida Luxury Realty deals with making a home a reality every day. Knowing the importance of rest and relaxation as well as being familiar with the areas are a must!

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