New Construction You Can Afford! Starting at $149K

The homeowner benefits outweigh renting by far according to The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Having to agree with this, one must ask renters how much money have they themselves put into their rental property that they can’t take with them. If you’re a long-term renter, probably A LOT! From replacing doors your child may have broke to fixing up things your animals have wrecked can be costly. So why not purchase your own home where the expenses are to the advantage of you, the homeowner.Thinking of all the money one has put into renting may have purchased them a home already. All You Young People…this is for you! Wouldn’t it be nice to eventually NOT have a monthly house payment at all?  There are many programs for financing available. For example, Right now in Pasco/Hernando County you can purchase a BRAND NEW HOME that won’t cost you a fortune! Wouldn’t that be nice….Direct 727-642-8602 Email:

Florida Homes and Luxury Estates                               New Construction in Hudson!

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Melissa Roberts REALTOR

DIRECT: 727-642-8602



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