A Little News For Florida…

Miami Dolphins hit the preseason running hard! With another win this time against the Falcon’s! Dolphins 13, Falcons 9.

Miami Dolphins

UM using new technology on their football players. They say this pill taken the night before is monitoring players for internal body temperature and players are gearing up with GPS trackers on the field. Sounds shady to me.  What’s next, speakers in the helmets? Looks like a Jetsons move!
JetsonsTropical Storm Erika dissipates as it nears South Florida, killing at least 20 people and many still missing in Dominica. Floods and mudslides stretch across the Caribbeans leaving Dominica in a complete disaster. This storm is moving up Florida’s Southwest Coast. News spokesmen predict flooding and tornadoes stretching into the panhandle hoping the storm does not strengthen again. People are urged to check for cancellations especially if flying.

tropic storm

Featured Image -- 725

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References: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/


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