Did you know that most of the movies filmed in Florida were from the west central to Southwest Florida Coasts? That The Punisher starring John Travolta was filmed in Florida and John Travolta also has residence in Florida. The Waterboy starring Adam Sandler also filmed in Florida. Your chances of running into the lifestyle of the Rich & Famous are a question of When not If!

There are also many prominent night clubs as “The Improv” at The Hard Rock Casino with different locations in Florida for convenience of the audience. Have you been up close and personal to people like Ralphie May? That’s right and I have! It’s exhilarating! And he is an awesome guy to hang with! The Improv serves you up to celebrities by allowing an up close and VIP adventure. Before you know it….

20150620_222746 (1)

So why not share a piece of your life in the hands of the beautiful Tropics! Go on Cruises, Swim with the Manatee, kayak on the Weeki Wachee Springs! Better yet. frequent the inspiring and acclimate to that! Come and look at :

Florida’s Homes & Luxury Estates & Great Real Estate Information!

Melissa Roberts REALTOR    me on ship

Results That Move You…

Direct: 727-642-8602


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