Lets face it, we are in a sellers market. As home prices are continuing to rise and inventory is getting slim, it’s time to be prepared.

If you are serious about selling your home be prepared it may fly off the shelf. Facade is big. If your yard needs work clean it up. If your cupboards are cluttered clean them out! These are big triggers for the buyer. The number one reason your home may not sell is being over-priced. Don’t mistake well kept for upgrades. An upgraded kitchen will increase the value of your home more so than that fence that has been there for years!

Buyers, get preapproved before you start looking. If you want the home you are looking at it may not be there when you get home. A preapproval allows the Realtor to submit your offer. Don’t hesitate. It’s becoming a sellers market and chances are there may be multiple offers on the property you are “watching”. If you want it, go for it. A good Realtor with your preapproval should come prepared to write a contract. You’ll have time for due diligence before you become locked in. Don’t low ball your sellers as the next offer in may be tomorrow. You are entering a sellers market.

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